First and foremost, Thank you for supporting a small independent business. In a world where fast fashion is so within reach, we believe in the importance of taking the time to create pieces that are made with care and technical insight. 

In order to keep our focus on this matter, we need to put a few basic terms and conditions in place listed on this page.

Quotations (valid for 14 days)

  1. The initial quote given is in consideration of the information you provide at the initial consultation (e.g. fabric preferences, design, embellishments, etc). Should any changes to the design development, the quote will change.

  2. Your commission time slot will only be secured once the commission has been paid. We serve our customers on a ‘first-come, first-served basis. Your place in our schedule cannot be guaranteed without payment of the deposit.


  1. Deposits are usually not accepted unless discussed. In any case, the decision to accept this deposit lies with Jermaine Harper or anyone whom he employs and trusts to take this decision. 

  2. a fulfilled payment or a payment for the deposit will confirm your acceptance of these terms and conditions. Unfortunately, neither are refundable in the event of cancellation. exceptions may be applied if believed fair.

  3. payments may be made through any online payment platform and pin. 

Cancellation Policy

  1. When ordering a piece 100% of the agreed price is expected to be paid in order to start the process of production.

  2. Unfortunately, this deposit is not refundable in the event of cancellation.

  3. In some cases refund any payments made over this amount minus our reasonable costs for:
    a) work already commenced (including concept design, measurement and cutting) charged at our
    standard hourly rate (23,00 EUR/hr); and
    b) materials purchased for your order.
    c) In this instance, we will provide you with an itemised account of any costs incurred.

  4. However, completed orders will incur full payment.

  5. Any materials you have supplied will be returned to you (at your expense, if applicable), once any outstanding payments have been received.

  6. Forfeited deposits cannot be counted as ‘credit’ toward future orders.

Refund Policy

  1. Unfortunately, we do not provide a refund if have partly or fully paid for it. This is because we have already put in the work to start the process of sourcing and buying materials and other necessary preparations to realize the commissioned piece.   

  2. However, we will happily provide a refund, exchange, or repair as required under EU law.


  1. Jermaine (designer) will take a complete set of measurements at the time of order and will make the garment(s) according to these measurements. His expertise in taking measurements for the creation of unique patterns is part of the service.

  2. For remote fittings, measurements will be supplied by the client following a document sent via email. Your pattern will be made to the measurements you provide and we cannot accept responsibility for the accuracy of measurements taken. Please take measurements over the undergarments and/or clothes you intend to wear with your garment.

  3. Where a weight loss plan, pregnancy, or illness/recovery is a factor, please let us know so that we may plan your garment(s) appropriately.

  4. If a dramatic weight loss or gain occurs in between fittings, you will be charged for any extra time spent creating additional mock ups/patterns or making changes to your garment.

Fittings and Appointments

  1. Jermaine Harper sees clients by appointment only. Fittings are held in our studio (located in The Hague) unless discussed to be held elsewhere. If this is the case there will be a fee that consists out of the traveling costs and 17,50 EUR per hour for calculated traveling time. The fitting itself incurs no additional charge as it is already included in the service.

  2. You must bring to any fitting appointments the underwear and shoes that you intend to wear with the completed garment.

  3. Appointments can last up to an hour from the appointment time. Longer appointments may apply for the fitting of multiple or complex garments. Expect several fittings; garment(s) take time, skill and patience.

  4. Please come to your fittings alone, unless arranged prior.

  5. Please contact us at least 48 hours in advance to cancel or reschedule appointments; missed appointments will incur an additional charge of 50,00 EUR

Long Distance Fittings

  1. We will post a toile (mock-up) of your garment to you. Postage is at your expense unless discussed otherwise. We will send with your toile  some pins for you to work with. We encourage you to draw on the toile any changes you would like (to the neckline, for example). It will be necessary to post the toile back to us so we may make any necessary changes to the pattern before starting work on your final garment. We recommend getting a friend or family member to assist you. We usually conduct these fittings live, via zoom or facetime.

  2. Please wear the undergarments and/or clothes you intend to wear with your garment when you are fitting your toile.

  3. Please take photos once you have pinned any adjustments (front, back, side) of yourself in the toile and email them back as they will be of great assistance to help with the fit of your garment.

  4. Every care will be taken to ensure that your garment is made to your specifications. Please be aware that as the designer cannot personally measure or fit you, the fit of your garment is largely your responsibility. We are counting on you to communicate how it feels, what you like and dislike. We cannot read your mind, no matter how obvious you may feel something is. Communication is key!


All patterns drafted for your garment(s) will remain the property of Vanyanís and are not for sale. Patterns are kept on file for 12 months and should you wish to order another garment made with the exact same pattern a discount will apply to your future order.

Payment and Collection

  1. We generally don't accept payments in instalments but there can be exceptions.

  2. Any missed payments may result in us reinforcing the cancellation policy set in place from our end. 

  3. Once payment dates and amounts have been agreed upon it is your responsibility to make payment on time. Just as you are counting on the on-time completion of your order, we are counting on your on-time payment. 

  4. Payment in full is required before the garment(s) may be collected or dispatched. No exceptions. (Funds must land in our bank account prior to collection of completed garment(s). A ‘transaction receipt’ will not be accepted as form of payment. Please allow up to 3 business days for Direct Deposit transfer.)

Thanks for reading, we really appreciate you taking the time to understand all the information included in this document. 

Jermaine Harper and any legal team put in place reserve the right to change these terms of conditions at any time when necessary.